Alpine Story

Alpine Story

Year Type Genre
2017 Mult Kids
About Project

"Alpine Story" is a cartoon about life in the foothill valley of the Alps. In the center of story are the adventures of the main characters:

Cock - personifying self-courage and boldness, as well as his devoted and reasonable friend - Bull.

Their adventures, to a greater extent, are the struggle with the Evil Spirit, which attempts to break the calm life of the foothill valley. They also represent counteraction to the destructive forces of nature and protection of local citizens.

There are some other charismatic and attractive characters in the cartoon. Aunt The Wolf - wise and cheerful, encourages the main characters to be a good person. Always unexpectedly, but always at the right time, there is a strong and intelligent Mr. Adler (The Eagle). Worker Beaver, beautiful and sweet roe deer, peacefully grazing sheep, and also many, many other bright characters, including the twin brother of the Evil Spirit - Spirit-Gore, who helps to avoid misfortunes.

The cartoon embodies a combination of dynamic interesting plot, a bright quality picture with amazing landscapes and, what matters the most, the moral aspect, aimed mainly at the creation of good, at friendship and devotion, at saving coziness and peacefulness of the foothill valley.

There is a space for magic and creation of good with your own hands in this cartoon. It will be interesting not only to children of younger ages, but also to older children. In addition, this cartoon is ideal for cozy family viewing.

Cartoon "Alpine story" invites everyone into a magical world of fun adventures, happiness and joy, friendship and kindness.

A typical day in a foothill valley with its spectacular scenery is beautiful. Forests and lakes, rivers and waterfalls, mountain peaks and the lovely houses of the inhabitants of the Alps are fascinating. Sheep are grazing on the lawn quietly and peacefully like white clouds in the sky. A roe is standing near the river. It has a bow on her head, it is very sweet and beautiful. Funnily wagging its tail, it runs away to its flock. A hardworking beaver never sits in place. He is doing his job, trying to improve the the valley. And it seems that peace and comfort here have no barriers.

But in this beautiful world, lives a treacherous Evil spirit, who is desperately trying to ruin the happiness of the inhabitants of the Piedmont Valleys. And when when the wonderful valley is threatened, the main characters of the cartoon come to the aid: the brave and bold Cock, and his faithful and judicious friend The Bull. They are always ready to go on a new adventure and help to avoid trouble.

The main characters are helped by: kind, cheerful and wise Auntie Wolf and judicious, strong and intelligent Mr. Adler (The Eagle). When the chips are really down, a powerful and omnipresent protector, Spirit of the mountains, comes to help Alpine residents. If you want to know about the adventures in the wonderful world of the Alps, our cartoon is just for you.